Mannheim Research on Ancient Sport


Mannheim is one of the leading centers of research on ancient sport. For a long time the history of sport was not taken seriously, being seen as mere play. Today, however, sport is undeniably a central topic for historical scholarship, as it has been clearly established that sport offers a unique perspective on cultural ideals as well as on the tensions in society. In few other cultures, moreover, the social importance was so high as in the ancient world, as is illustrated by the frequent appearance of sport in the ancient sources.

The Mannheim research is focused on questions of social and cultural history and covers sport in the entire Mediterranean region from the Archaic period until Late Antiquity. The publications of our team can be found here. Also for the permanent improvement of our library collection and in our teaching we aim to cover this wide chronological scope. The current research projects focus on the so far understudied Hellenistic period and on the international associations of competitors.

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Our team welcomes collaboration with national and international scholars working in the same area. International visitors can receive support from the Welcome Center of the university. If you are thinking of applying for a research stay in Mannheim, please contact us. Below you find some information on funding opportunities.


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